Special Occasion Cakes

6" ($15)  8" ($18)  9" ($20)

Flavors: Carrot/Peanut Butter or Pumpkin/Peanut Butter

Frosting: Canned Pumpkin/Cream Cheese w/assorted decorations

Peanut Butter Cutouts

$10 per dozen/ 6 per package

Flavors: Peanut Butter/Banana or Peanut Butter


Large: $15 per dozen, $10 per 1/2 dozen

Mini: $12 per dozen, $8 per 1/2 dozen

Flavors: Carrot/Peanut Butter and Banana/Honey

Frosting: Unfrosted or Peanut Butter/Yogurt

All of the items available from our bakery are healthy and safe for dogs and cats!  Product information and pricing is listed below. 

Email your order to bakery@allaboutthepaw.org

Orders will be shipped within three business days of receipt

Shipping charges will apply & confirmation email will be sent

(payment due at time of confirmation email receipt via PayPal)

Pumpkin Rolls

$10 per dozen